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Maybe a dumb move but fun for a laugh!

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I was preparing two motions to compel arbitration after an initial reply to a suit along with letters of the election of arbitration to all concerned parties

Previous to this I had weighed filing a personal bankruptcy. With only a temp Mortgage modification saving us a place to live. That was when I realized me personally I am a whopping negative net worth of 35,000 plus if the home sold.

So I thought of why are any of these idiots taking me to court. Certainly they did as I did to the crook who helped put me in this hole he had nothing to collect and basically was a thief apparently.

Try and garnish that..

So I called Hannah and attempted to have the contact "atty" notify his client I was not worth the time of day. He asked if I was employed I said no and at my age I did not see that in my future, thanks to the likes of you my credit ruined a floor cleaning job at Walmart went bust.

I said your welcome to my home to see the entire contents 12 year old furniture one couch cushions held up with pine 2 x 6's.

I could send him pawn shop receipts for anything that was of value including my wedding ring.

Everything of any value was pawned or made it to ebay over the past two years.

The one car ( in my name) county stopped busing budget cuts so it is used to take my kids back and forth to school, 2001 sure Montero sport with 88,000 miles, broken passenger window motor, and the roof leaks..

lol.. He started shouting at me to stop talking he would tell his client I am un-employed.. I said thats it?

Didn't you want to tell them how stupid it was to decide for your client to spend more than the postage on a collection letter and all these court costs will be un-collectible and now hopefully ARBITRATION costs.. he hung up?

My Birthday is next month, 57 years old he didn't wait to hear that, so what future employment to these crooks expect to garnish.

Well I thought it was funny.

Sued for $1,159.23 with atty fees and court costs $447.65

and repectively

Sued for $928.35 other with atty fees and court costs $447.65

Worst lawyers in history...lol

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Actually I think I Capital one should sue "Hannah" for their failure to do their fiduciary duty even commencing the suit.

Or was that capital one's legal department either way, sheesh..

What can the win a fi fa walk through? Humiliating... sure, but for who?

I hope you all get a laugh in the midst of all the good that so many do here..

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