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WTB: Good Credit Monitoring Service with Monly Updates (Reports & Scores)


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Newbie here. Did some research and it is very difficult to decide which credit monitoring service to sign up with. I only need the service for about 6 months (planning to purchase a car this Summer).

Most important feature I require:

Unlimited or Monthly credit report updates. (Big 3 - EQ, EX, TU)

Monthly credit score updates - FAKOs are fine. (Big 3 - EQ, EX, TU)

FAKOs will be used to just check for improvements over the next 4 months.

I have narrowed my search down to the following services (Just looking for any input from someone that has used either of these - or others):

Chase Identity Protection - My favorite so far, but I couldn't sign up (No Chase CC).

PrivacyGuard - Like this as well but I cannot determine if it updates monthly or quarterly. (Site, reviews and forum all have mixed info???)

CreditKeeper - Seem ideal for me, but I keep hearing about very poor Customer Service, Improper Billing and Cancellation Issues!!

USAA CreditCheck Monitoring - Nice but I read that their report isn't accurate at times (same as CreditCheckTotal I believe).

Considering (packaging both of these for $30/month):

TrueCredit (TU) $15/mo. (If Big 3 reports and FAKO update monthly)


ScoreWatch (myFICO) $15/mo. to track my actual EQ FICO score

[This option should have me covered.]

Please help,

The Hitman

(720 or bust)

IDGuard FAKO (JAN 2012)

EQ 605

EX 617

TU 601

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Save your money. Go to Get a copy of each of you absolutely 100% up to date credit reports...direct from the CRAs...for free. Dispute something. Get another free copy when the dispute is resolved.

FAKOs are just that. Fake. You can guess just as well from what you see on the reports.

I just disputed stuff on my CR and got a copy of the investigation results but not a new credit report. How do I get a free copy after a dispute?

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I just tried to check out the plan with Chase but got an error saying they're not enrolling now...really? They don't want our money?

Anybody have experience with getting the report from Citi at the intro $1 and having luck cancelling after that?

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