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owner and subsidiaries/affiliate question on account ownership

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So I've been looking for an answer on this and havent found anything.

Tell me if I understand this correctly.

X group, a JDB, has multiple Subsidiaries/affiliates that it owns (B company, C company ect). X group buys accounts in bulk. Does That mean all of its subsidiaries now own the accounts as well or do they have to be transferred to the subsidiary/affiliates for them to be the true owner and collect on the account?

Say that Group B buys an account in bulk does that mean its Parent Company X Group and its sister C company owns it now as well?

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Probably has no relevance, it's like financing a chevy through GM and then claiming they don't own the note when you default because it doesn't say chevy on the building. This kind of stuff usually goes nowhere. Whatever subsidiary actually wrote the check will usually be the named plaintiff. Even if there is some dispute, it can probably be cured easily enough.

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