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PAID an OC but CA still list


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Hello everyone. I tried to find this topic but didn't see it.

I recently moved and had a utility OC refer my balance (under $30 and I'm NOT exaggerating) to a CA. No sob story or excuses on my part to explain here. I figured, "I'll pay the OC when I get settled". Of course I forgot.

I got a letter from a CA. Since I refuse to pay CA's unless it's absolutely necessary and they have proof they own the debt. I didn't pay them. I sent my payment to the OC utility company.

They cashed the check, case close.

Doing my yearly credit pulls needless to say guess whats on my report? It's not showing as PAID and it shows still owing a balance (to the CA)

Here are my questions. When a debt is referred to a CA or should I say ASSIGNED does that give them the power to list on your CR?

That said, if the OC accepts payment, whats the best suggestion to remove the tradline line from your CR? Would it be a DV stating that the OC accepted payment? Or disputing the debt with the CRA or a combination of both??

I was under the impression that anything listed on your CR (theoretically obviously) must be accurate and if it isn't, it's a potential FCRA violation.


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A CA may report at the creditor's behest. Here's what may likely have happened: Most debts are placed with a CA on a contingency basis, meaning their fee is contingent upon any payments made. This fee will usually be 20% to 40% of the amount paid, and is due whether you pay the OC or CA. After all, if you pay after the CA sends you a letter and/or calls you, they've done their job. I'm guessing the OC conveniently "forgot" to tell the CA they got paid, thereby saving the fee.

This is why you're better off paying the CA. Send proof of your payment, cancelled check or whatever, to the CA with a letter demanding that they report the debt as paid to the credit reporting agencies. You'll need to give it as much as 45 days or so, but if they refuse to correct the error you may want to pursue as an FCRA violation.

Hope this helps!

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