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CLI's on my CC's, please help!

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I began my repair journey last year and cleaned a lot off of my CR's. In the process I obtained 3 CC's in 2011.

Capital One- Started w/ 300 limit, increased to 500 4/5 mos later. This card has been opened since April 2011 never a late payment.

Chase- Opened in August 2011 w/ a 1,000.00 limit. Never had a late payment.

Bank of America- Opened in November 2011 w/ a 1,500 limit. Never had a late payment.

Once my payments post for Cap1 and Chase I will have zero balance owed on those cards as I have never carried a balance longer than 2 mos. My BOA card has a new balance that will be paid in full next month when the statement cuts.

When and how should I go about seeking CLI's? Back in August of 2011 I was added as a joint owner of a mortgage which has raised my scores big time. I'm not so much concerned with having the CLI's so I can go buy a bunch of stuff but so it increases my scores. Any feed back will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Increasing the amount of unsecured credit you have available may not have the effect you're looking for.

First of all, remember that FICO has like 17 different scoring models. More unsecured credit will affect the FICO Bank Card score (the "sucker" score), will probably hurt the FICO Mortgage score, and will probably have no effect on the FICO New Car score.

In order for a CLI to increase your sucker score, you'll also have to increase your "utilization"...in other words, carry a balance so they can charge you interest.

IMO...stick with what you've got.

Read my signature.

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