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Few Questions before filing my answers to rogs and addm

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I'm about 15 days our before having to answer to plaintiffs POD's, Rogs and Admissions answers.

1. I should only be filing answers with the court and sending my answers to the plaintiff attorney right?

2. Should i request at this time for a Jury Trial when i file answers?

3. What else should i be filing or motioning?

4. Should i be requesting more POD's?

I need some motivation and direction.

Thanks a bunch!

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1. You don't need to file discovery answers with the court. Just send a copy to the attorney. Be sure to include a certificate of service just like they did when they sent the requests.

2. I don't know about this one. I didn't ask for a jury trial.

3. Nothing that I can think of right now.

4. I can't think of any other discovery requests right now, especially since they haven't sent anything you requested.

I would suggest you keep track of the case online. JDBs have been know to file a Motion for Summary Judgment and not inform the Defendant. Also, if nothing has been settled and no hearing dates have been scheduled within, I believe, 210 days after filing, the court will send out an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) notice. That means that unless someone makes a motion to do something, you'll have to meet in mediation.

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