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need help with Debt Mediation in Az


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Im currently dealing with a debt lawsuit with a firm guglielmo & associates

i already answered their summons denying their accusations and i sent my request for documents interrogates an request for admissions..

They claim they are the attorneys for discover bank but no

documentation has been provided to prove such..

Anyhow I got an appointment for mediation with

the judge.. the attorneys requested that they meet

without the plaintiff discover bank...

Should I object to the judge since no

proof of assignment for contract have been provided?

I want the alleged creditor there unless the acting attorney

can provide proof of 3rd party authorization!..

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If Discover is named as the Plaintiff, the court accepts that as fact. Attorneys don't usually have to present proof that a cc company hired them, nor is anyone from the cc company usually present at a hearing. I suppose you'd have to convince the judge that the law firm may not be telling the truth.

If you're thinking that they may be representing a JDB instead, check Discover's entry on your credit report. If the entry doesn't state sold or transferred, then Discover still owns the account.

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