Split File with TU!

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I received my annual free credit reports this week. Experian and Equifax both looked great. TransUnion arrived this morning. Credit report #1 was 13 pages and said I'd been in their files for 16 years. Attached to the back of it was a letter from TU saying "here is an additional credit report for this consumer". Credit report #2 was three pages and said I'd been in their files for 1 year. :shock:

All of the tradelines are mine, on both reports. And the file number is identical. But there are different addresses.

Strange....looks like a split file but with an identical SSN and file number. And it seems TU knows about it because they sent me both reports with a letter about the additional report. :?:

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This happens all the time with TU. They are by far the least reliable of the big 3, in no small part because they have this issue with split files. The worst part is that only one report is sold to lenders even if there are multiple split files. So, lenders will buy reports from TU and calculate a FICO based on that report, but the report in question may only be a very small portion of the applicant's total history!! For example, when I, myself, apply for credit, the TU report that gets sold to lenders only lists 2 credit card accounts, both with high limits and no debt. It doesn't include my mortgage or any of my paid/closed installment loans or any of my other rather lengthy positive credit history. So, if lenders were only looking at my TU report, they would imagine that I have zero liabilities :lol:

This works to my advantage, but it could quite possibly go the other way, where a potential borrower might have both good and bad credit and all of the derogatory accounts are split onto one file. If TU then sells that bad file to lenders, it would have negative consequences for the applicant.

TU can fix your split file, but finding the right person is difficult. When I was in the heyday of my credit repair, I had good success writing to their address in Fullerton, California [instead of the one in Pennsylvania]. Writing their headquarters in Chicago has always been fruitless. [it's hit or miss if you want to call Mumbai, but at least it's toll free..] But, if you don't have any derogatory accounts on either of the two split files, I'd probably leave it alone if I were you...

Experian still has good data and strong relationships from their days as TRW, but they're a behemoth multinational company headquartered outside the US. Personally, I don't like or trust them.

Equifax is the oldest of the big 3 and the only one that has its origins as a CRA, and I think going forward they have stronger relationships with lenders and more reliable data than the other two. I'm biased because I used to work there [and loved working there], but I think I'm being objective when I say that.

A quick search for TU split file returned this:




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Update- Spoe to TU personally,. After being put on hold by "Carol" (clearly not named Carol) for 15 minutes, I was told they merged my two files.

I also disputed three other issues over the phone with them. They saidf they'l investigate and send me an updated "merged" file when they're done.

So let's see what happens...

Hard to imagine how they're systems are so quirky to allow this to happen. Same SSN, same file #, two separate reports. The system even recognized this and wrote a form letter telling me I have two reports- clearly these split files are identifiable. And if so easily identifiable, why not run a program to automatically merge the reports of those consumers in their database? Seems to make more sense to me...

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