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JDB calls for 7 months, never mails


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I have been receiving calls from Pinnacle/ Oxford since August. The only time I answered and talked to them they refused to state OC, amount, etc. They have not sent me anything by mail.

I called OC yesterday to ask about them issuing a 1099C and they said they sold the account to Pinnacle the month before they started calling. They also said 1099C is never issued without a settlement though they admit to having given up on collection efforts, but that is another story.

A lawyer I talked to advised me to ignore the calls until I get something in the mail because until then 'you don't know who you're dealing with". I suppose this could get stretched out indefinitely if they never mail so we can't go to the next step of VR. I have been at the same address for 7 years.

The first CA which apparently was on assignment by OC mailed but never called, never responded to VR, so apparently bank after six months sold to JDB.

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There doesn't have to be a "settlement" to issue a 1099 although once the debt has been sold it would be up to the actual debt owner to issue one. Frankly, I wouldn't ask for one unless you really want to pay extra FIT.

You can start the DV process with the JDB whether they ever write or not; however, it's difficult to do because you don't have much information (such as the JDB's account number for the debt, etc.).

Finally, if they've already spoken to you and haven't sent a dunning letter within a few days then they've already committed one violation...personally, I don't get excited about one single validation but you should take note of it (record the call, note the time/date, what was discussed, etc.).

Bottom line is if all they do is call now and then, unless you really think they'll sue AND they have the goods to win, I'd simply block their phone number and let them listen to a dead line.

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