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do I have a claim?


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I would like a lawyer's advice:

Is there a minimum time under the Fair Debt Collections practices act or under any other laws that governs when a debt collection agency may begin collections?

I had a final payment due to Verizon that was referred to collections in less than 30 days. I am told that Verizon's policy is to refer an account to collections between 30-60 days after a customer voluntarily discontinues service. I was never advised of a final balance and did not receive a final bill. Verizon admits that they sent my account to collections in less than 30 days and that some kind of an error occurred.

I only received a letter from a collections agency on Feb. 10.

I canceled my service on Jan 10th.

Verizon claims they generated a final bill on 1/13/12, my acct was transferred to collections 2/7/12, and a revised final bill was generated 2/13/12. Verizon had no explanation why I was sent to collections so prematurely.

Is this a violation of the FDCPA or any other law? Do I have a legal claim?

I wrote about this in another forum asking for general advice, but then I got conflicting advice over whether I had a claim or could/should sue. So I'd like some legal advice on whether there is a violation and if I have a claim against verizon or the collection firm.

Thank you.

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Verizon is not subject to the FDCPA. There may be a state consumer statute you can use - unfair business practices. However, you may not have the right to sue - that's often reserved for the attorney general.

I'd complain to the AG and send Verizon a copy - see what happens...

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