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Need short/sweet Answer for Rogs to Zwicker A/X

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Zwicker (in Oregon) suing for Amex (in Utah) against me (in Idaho) . Case has been going on for 18 months, still in discovery. Sent DV letter on first contact in fall of 2010, DV letter sent again in winter of 2010-2011. Suit filed in August 2011, nothing attached to complaint. Answered Summons and Admissions.

Also answered Interrogs....but they didn't like what I wrote and asked me to try again :shock:

Also, they have never given me an account number (just last 4 digits), never sent anything at all other than initial letter and complaint.

The rogs are 17 questions that are all in this vein: Did you have an account with A/X? What was the account number? When did you open the account? Did you use the account? Did you receive statements? Did you make payments?

Isn't this their burden of proof? What short and sweet answer can I give them that says (eloquently) "You haven't told me what you are suing me over yet, so how can I answer your questions?":roll:

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You have to answer each ROG individually. You can repeat answers if the same answer applies. You need to start from the beginning, post the complaint first. Redact names and change the amount a bit. Otherwise, we have no idea what we are dealing with. Then post the ROGs. Type them, no jpegs, that doesn't work here. 18 months is a long time for a credit card case. What was the last action they took, and when? What is your defense against this case? Amex is an original creditor, you have to have a specific strategy. "I don't remember this account" won't work. Judges hate pro se's with amnesia. Inability to pay, I lost my job are also not valid defenses. Zwicker does this for a living, they have heard it all. 99% of the responses they get are a guaranteed ticket to a judgment. You should start by studying the rules of procedure for Idaho.

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