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Looking for some pointers before i proceed.[Sprint]


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Ok, So i have numerous things on my CR and I have been reading alot on this website and it is all very helpfull. But before i proceed I just wanted to get some clarification, Im sure I already know the answer but all of this is very stressfull at the moment.

I am going for a full on pay for delete since this one is decently small. I am just lost on who all i need to contact in order to assure that it will in fact be deleted off my CR. I have talked with Sprint since they are the OC and they advised me that I would need to get the agreement from a Sprint store, So i call a store and they just directed me to the collections department where i first recieved this information. They are giving me the option to pay it in full and in return it will be removed, But i am having trouble getting this in writing and i sure dont want to blindly trust them.

I wasnt sure if I needed to proceed with the CA or what! I am very baffled and would really appreciate some help here.

*Attempted to post picture but not allowed, the amount owed is $175

Customer: well i dont have the full amount to pay. But i would like to pay it.

Douglas E.: Jeff, I am sorry for that but to clear the account, you're required to make a full payment of this amount.

Customer: Ok that is fine. Is there a way you can send me an agreement that once the payment is made it will be deleted from my report?

Douglas E.: Jeff, be assured that you'll get a voucher number and your account will be cleared about this payment and you'll get a notification for this

Customer: Well i appreciate your help. But i must have a document stating that it will be removed completley. I can send in my own document if it is required.

Douglas E.: Jeff, be assured that you'll get a email of this chat also and you can also keep the chat ID as future reference

Douglas E.: Be assured that I'll send a confirmation email once you'll make the payment.

Customer: I only wish to see the agreement. Stating it will be deleted. I dont care about a confirmation email saying that i paid.

Douglas E.: I understand that and I request you to contact at the Sprint Store to get that

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They have not promised you to remove it from the credit bureaus. Most lenders can't promise that, because their subscriber agreement with the CRA's bars pay-for-delete arrangements.

Could anyone else back this up? i wasnt aware that it was impossible to gain a pay-for-delete. Not sure on who to talk to now. Once i called sprint before i called the CA , I am now getting calls from the CA all of a sudden

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