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I moved, might have, might have not had the gas shut off. They turned it over to collections, and like an idiot, I paid the bill. I have no leverage now. I DV'd the CA and they came back with a letter saying 'yep it is yours", I sent a 623 lettter to the OC, and they provided a printout of the gas usage fro the time period in question, I sent a goodwill letter to the CA, no go, they do not remove items. I sent a good will letter to the OC asking for some pity, the the CEO no doubt. He forwarded my email to chief counsel who matter of factly informed me that they would not help in asking the CA to remove the negative. I could sue them, but it would be he said vs she said and no court would award judgement on that basis. I even asked them to change it to collections, paid, but they insist on leaving it as a charge off.

What is a poor feller to do, I jack attacked the CRA's which apparently held up my investigations because TU and EXperian have not updated in 45 days. I call and they say investigations are in process.

I have afidavid's from the old land lord and the new land lord as to when I moved out of the old place and into the new place, and UI have reiepts where I turned off all of the other utilities on the same day. Could I use a reasonable person theory as an affirmative offense? One stinking petty little collection agency, one charge off, and I would be in the 700 range. I am most disappointed to say the least.

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