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CA requesting I pay the OC?


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I have a letter from a collection agency, "Credit Protection Association LP", stating:

"Mediacom informs us that payment has not been received. Unless you pay this account promptly, we will instruct Mediacom to report our experience ith you to the credit bureau."

Then it goes on to say:

"It is imperative that you promptly forward the past due balance directly to Mediacom."

So... why would a CA want me to pay the OC directly? What the hell is this? Who do I DV? Should I cease & desist the CA?


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You may still be dealing with the OC.

Call Mediacom and ask them. They may have just hired the CA on their behalf, to collect *in house* debts that they haven't charged off yet.

A lot of businesses do this if they don't have designated, in-house collection teams.

If they've charged off, or sold your debt, they will refuse to talk to you, or tell you something similar.

I don't think you're in DV land yet.

Good Luck.

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