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Should I settle? MIDLAND and NCO


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So..I was able to settle 2 credit cards for around 30%.

Cap One NCI Financial settled for ~2500

Chase/MBNA Asset acceptance settled for ~1900

BofA/ via midland 5k being sued

Cap One via midland 9k trying to settle for ~2500

NCO systems Cap One ~4950 ( trying to settle for ~2000)

out of 5 credit cards, so that means I have three left to settle...two with MIDLAND and one with NCO

So...one credit card, bank of america is suing me for ~5000

actually OC BofA sold debt to Midland Funding.

Midland funding also bought another cc debt from OC.

Midland funding "owns" around ~15k of my cc debt.

Midland is suing me for the ~5000 cc. plus it owns another one of my debts (allegedly)

NCO is trying to collect 4950 on a 1900 original principal???

Im trying to pay down my "unsecured debt"

any advice? btw... I live with my parents and using my leftover student financial aid to do this.

Im making good progress and already got my "settled in full letter" from NCI/CapOne for the first card I paid off.

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