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Trying to settle up w/Lawyers?

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If you get a judgement against you, and you pay it off, then you have to get them to sign the judgement is paid.

Are you sure they are even reporting on your credit? They might not report because they just don't and leave it to the original creditor.

To answer your question, the FCRA states the information they report must be correct. It does not dictate what has to be reported. If they report you owe them (assuming no judgement is in place) 10K, you make a payment of 1K, then they have to report you now owe them 9K. They only have to report accurate information. It would no longer be accurate you owe them, or their client, 10K if you paid 1K.

On a side note, be careful what you wish for. If you have any other outstanding past due debts out there and they start updating your report that your paying them, watch the heck out. You're going to be bombarded with collectors calling and maybe lawsuits. They all watch your reports, when they see payment activity it's a rush to see who can get to you next.

Now I look at that with the glass 1/2 full. That is a ton of potential FDCPA and other consumer protection lawsuits getting ready to possibly be thrown in your lap.

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