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7 month's into Archview Financial suing me in Missouri. What's my next move?


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It took seven months, five court appearances, a motion to stay and a motion to dismiss, but the judge FINALLY made the following judgement:

"Plaintiff directed to provide direct responses to all discovery requests including production of documents, subject to appropriate objection to be provided within 20 days."

He was a bit miffed at the plaintiff's attorney because he was over 30 minutes late to the scheduled hearing.

The thing is, he scheduled the next appearance for thirty-five days out and I just received Archview's compliance to the judgement on day twenty-seven.

All they provided were cover pages from two bills of sale that do not include my name anywhere and a stack of statements from the original creditor.

Now I'm wondering:

  1. I know the state says they get thirty days, but are they still complying with the judges order even though it was seven days late? Could I use this against them somehow?

  2. Could I file a motion for summary judgement for lack of evidence? Considering the bills of sale are vague and could be referencing anyone’s account, wouldn't they be inadmissible hearsay without the supporting records? What about a lack of authenticity since it's a variation of the original contract and not a copy of the entire contract? IMHO, they in no way prove the account was ever assigned from the Original Creditor to me?

Am I on the right path here?

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