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Help Filing Answer to Summons in NJ

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I've been through this once before, (with a few errors now that I look back - as the previous case was dismissed without prejudice) and would like to handle this case more clean and thorough, in hopes of the JDB dismissing the case before it goes to trial. So, I am asking for step-by-step help to get through this process.

First things first, i was served on the 10th, so I need to file an answer within a week. My question is, does anyone know if I can file a Motion to Dismiss in lieu of an Answer? I've heard of a case in Indiana being handled in this manner, since the JDB didn't attach any DV with the complaint. If so, great. If not, how do you suggest I answer the Complaint? I can post what the complaint says, and we can all pick it apart here if you all don't mind.

Thank you for any responses!

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The form for answering the complaint is on line at the NJ judicial. I've posted it a dozen times. Here it is again. Debt validation does not apply once suit is filed. You MUST be specific as to what level court this is, there are two different sets of rules. Superior, or Special Civil. No judge is going to dismiss a case this early on unless it is a venue issue. You have some experience, so this should be easier.


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