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Paid off Debts, Settled Debts


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And, by the way, I would never "settle" with a JDB, unless ordered to by a court. They paid pennies on the dollar for the right to hassle you...you don't owe them anything. And, they seldom have enough evidence to win in court.

The more I think about it, the more I think this is true. It is unethical what they do. Some say it is criminal. I'm totally with you on this. Maybe I shouldnt spend as much time on it as this, maybe send requests pursuant to FL civil code/statutes, and one last hoorah of countersuit. I dont like playing attorney, it's exhausting.

Only thing is, I'm trying to fight them off, and prevent a judgement. Maybe Im falling into the trap of being naive, feeling like it was my debt with OC and like I have to pay it, like a judgment is the worst thing in the world. Maybe a judgment wouldnt be so bad, even if they ever get it, because maybe they cant collect or itll take years (im judgment proof at this point). So I try to offer them a little more than what they paid, and they wont even acknowledge that "their client" (collection thugs masquerading as attorneys) did this horrible thing (bought some of my debt down the river for a nickel on the dollar and then act like theyre entitled to collect the full amount) and they are some d*****bag harassing mouthpiece who arent entitled to squat.

They paid pennies on the dollar for the right to hassle you...you don't owe them anything.

This harassment and the deplorable business model is what I find most despicable. It's just predatory business practices swooping in on the most vulnerable, all these 100s 1000s lawsuits funded directly by Wall Street (see Encore Capital) people with deep pockets harassing people with empty pockets. It's outrageous.

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