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Suttell & Hammer, Capital One Bank, Oregon

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Hello Everyone,

Would someone be a saint xangelx & send me a PDF copy of Capital Ones cardholder agreement inclusive of the arbitration clause?

I'm in Oregon, w/mandatory arbitration for amounts under $50,000.00 & they are selecting an arbitrator (a local atty who is a thief). :( Suttel & Hammer (very sloppy) :cry: is the firm out of Washington who is supposedly representing Capital One. I don't want to pay for 1/2 of the manditory arbitration.

S&H has already paid for 1/2 of the arbitration fee & asked for a summary judgement of $8,000 + if the ruling is in their favor. I don't want to attend the states mandatory arbitration. It is a farce! I don't owe Capital One or S&H anything! It is all a fraud on its face. No proof of debt was ever established. As a matter of fact, nothing was ever established from S&H!

S&H never responded to my timely counter response verified with affidavits, recorded in circuit court after initial summons. I filed a motion to dismiss based on grounds S&H never responded to my motion to produce. S&H were counting on the manditory arbitration being scheduled.

I want to through some sand in their gears by throwing at the opposing parties, the arbitration clause that are written in the Capital One cardholder agreement. :smile:



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