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What to do now? Help! Please... :)

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I spoke to a consumer attorney and they were glad to take the case.

Why are you doing anything on this or planning to do anything. You can't have an attorney handling this and then be sending off discovery and possible motions to compel.

That is the whole reason you get an atty, to handle everything. That is what they get paid, usually well, for.

On a side note, I can understand why a legit consumer atty would be glad to take the case. Midland is by far our favorite punching bag and are regularly beat by members on this board.

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He may have been getting ready to file a motion to dismiss for improper venue. Now your friend has submitted to jurisdiction of a distant forum.

these are some things to watch out for. If your "friend" has an attorney you should not step on the plans of the attorney, but coordinate with them.

I always say this, it is more helpful for the"friend", spouse or relative to come here and learn for themselves. They may be on the witness stand someday and by not showing basic knowledge for their position, could lead to bad things happening.

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Hi Seadragon! Thank you so much for replying. I should have made it more clear that the consumer attorney is only handling the FDCPA and FCRA violations, (I think those are the right abbreviations, if not, you still know what I am talking about) and because he can only handle those matters, he cannot help with the stuff we are doing with the court.

That is the reason I asked should I be doing anything else. What should I do next?

Yes, you are definitely right when you say "my friend" should be working on this stuff, but unfortunately he does not know anything about a computer, and only went to the 6th grade. That is one of the biggest reasons that I am helping him because I know so many other people that are in his same position get railroaded by these scumbags because they unfortunately do not have the education needed, and that is sad.

Believe me, I asked the attorney, what would he suggest and we were told he could not give me any suggestions because his hands were tied, in that he could not say anything about the case other than the violations.

Do you have any suggestions? Should "my friend" just wait and see what the low-lifes will do next? Or should we compel?

Thank you so much for your time and help! ;)

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