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Judgement initiated in error still on CR, marked as Paid

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Unknown to me, NY State charged my business, then me personally for unpaid Sales Tax for 3 quarters in 2003 and 2004. However, my business had been shut down and was no longer operating during the periods for which they claimed I owed Sales Tax. They then obtained judgements against me personally for $40K in August of 2007. I never received any notice nor was I ever served any papers. I only ever found out about it after I was contacted by a NYS Tax Collector in early 2011, and subsequently saw that the judgements were listed as a derogatory Public Record on my credit report. I spoke to the collector a couple of times and I explained how they were in error, but she was very noncommittal, saying she would look into it, but also saying that I would have to submit "paper worK" and "proof". ("We're in a fiscal crisis!" she said. "We're looking for every possible dollar!"). Looking to try for the easiest solution first, I submitted Sales Tax Returns for the 3 quarters in question, marking them as No Tax Due. I never heard anything back from her or any other tax collector.

Upon checking my credit report in the Fall of 2011, I found that the civil judgement had been marked as Paid! But here lies my problem. NYS obviously made an error, so they marked the judgements as satisfied, but its still on my Credit Report, and it appears that I had a $40K judgement placed against me that I later paid. And that's affecting my credit score badly.

So how can I get this removed? NYS initiated this entire action in error. And somewhere it must be recorded that I paid ZERO dollars to satisfy the judgement.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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