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Just got a Summons from these guys a few days ago. They are being represented by Baker, Sanders Barshay, Grossman, Fass, Muhlstock & Neuwirth. We where served with the Summons, complaint for breach of contract and account stated, and a declaration of jurisdictional facts all together. We live in CA and this is a account from Chase and we are in SOL

After reading Kobayoshi's thread I have learned how to proceed with this but i have a few questions maybe some of you can help us with.

My wife is being sued for $35,288 plus interest and wanted to know if I can file a PLD-050 or a PLD-010 for our answer.

How soon do I send my BOP?

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My guess is that this is not a verified complaint - in that case, you can use the PLD-050 form and the general denial.

Since they don't seem to be on top of things, be aggressive with them...

As far as sending the BOP, I'd file the answer first, wait a couple of days, then send the BOP to them via CMRRR. Generally, I'd say they will respond in 15 days- however, if you read the other thread, you will see the did not respond. If that's the case on day 16, send the meet and confer - wait say 5 more days, then file a motion in limine with the court.

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