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newbie with debt validation questions

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Okay, so I got my three reports. Ugh!! The whole.thing is basically all negative...18 pages in total.including the few pages of my rights. I'm wondering if bankruptcy is a.better solution for me, however I am.interested in learning all about credit repair and rebuilding because I want to start my own business eventually. I'm not getting my hopes up in terms of my credit score, but I know I will get lots of practice with my situation. I'm getting ready to send the validation letters, but I am curious about collection agencies. I have been completely ignoring creditor letters in the mail so I am not even familiar.with the.collection agency names. I undestand that since I have not paid anything or made.arrangements that I may not even be obligated to pay anything? And the date opened of each account, does that mean the original.date or the date the collecting agency took it? So the collection agency must give me the original.information that they got from the original creditor? Also, if they don't validate in 30 days then they have to remove? I understand the process but there are.so many details that I am stuck on. I'm sure my questions even.sound mixed up!! Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and start sending the letters, hopefully along the way.I will begin to understand more. I know that with enough research I can become an expert on anything...that is what I am setting out to do!!! Please anyone...another breakdown of debt validation (for dummies?)


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First never put something in writing if you don't understand what you're doing or what the law is. That is a great way to paint yourself into a corner and can come back and haunt you. This is the law and fairly technical at that. Learning on the fly is great, but don't send a letter and then research if what you sent was correct.

Second, your DV are mostly all irrelevant. By your own admission you have ignored their letters. You only have 30 days to demand validation after their first letter to you (initial communication). After that you can send DV and they might answer but are under no obligation to do so. Furthermore, even if they are/were obligated they don't have to answer in 30 days. In fact, they never have to answer.

I believe California has some other protections and there are some greater posters from California, including one atty, that are on here all the time. I'll yield to them on any state law protections you might have.

Personally, I see if the debts are past the statute of limitations. If they are you can be ultra aggressive. If they are in statute, expect to wake the creditors up when you start having activity on your credit report. You start sending disputes, you'll have activity on your reports, even if it is just them updating as disputed.

That will trigger the wolves you're trying to clean up your report and they will all come hard for you. The bright side is that is a ton of potential violations coming your way.

Read a lot on here and ask a lot of questions before you put anything in writing. There are threads in here all the time that somebody will say, I wish I had known what I know now before I said this or that or wrote that letter or made that dispute.

And the number one thing to keep in mind is that your demands, what you think should happen or how you see things is 100% irrelevant. If you send a letter demanding 80 things and they are only obligated to provide you with one thing on the list, and they send that one thing to you, they have not violated anything.

If your letters make demands that are backed with no law or precedent, it will trigger that you don't know what you're doing and you can expect, if the debts are high enough and in statute, lawsuits to start coming your way.

Good luck and ask a ton of questions. Oh and if I forgot to add, don't put anything !!!!! (at this point) in writing :D It appears you have little to gain (due to ignoring them to this point) and a lot to lose if you write the wrong thing.

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