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Knoll Factual Data - Something seems off

Has Knoll Factual reported different scores then credit bureus?  

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I recently applied for home finance loan. I own my home out right and have no debt, yes I have plenty credit but happen to be luck and sold a company and have no debt. I belong to all three credit bureau’s services so I get unlimited reports and scores. I pulled my reports from all three agencies and have almost perfect scores. Anyhow, I applied for mortgage and when I went to bank and the loan officer said everything was great with me credit scores. She gave me a copy of the report and it showed that Knoll Factual Data is reporting the following scores of XXX, YYY, ZZZ. Well it was funny because they were reporting 768 from Transunion but when I pulled up the score in her office on my phone, they were reporting 990 for my score.

Loan officer says that credit scores don’t go that high. I showed her the phone and she was confused. The more I thought about this I thought Knoll was using average – nope – on their report they show 768 under Transunion. I called knoll and they stated they just report what the credit bureau provides. I called Transunion and they said – no your credit score is 990 – out of 1000.

The more I thought about this the more I am thinking that there might be some legal issues here. For example let’s just suppose the following.

Mortgage interest rates are driven in some part by someone credit. Say mortgage companies hire Knoll to verify credit and based on this agreement and they get a fixed price for each verification, but also get a percent of the loan or interest rate for rates below a certain point based on their verification. Maybe it’s something like, the three bureau’s report xxx but based on their professional analysis, the score average should be lower and they get a percent of the difference.

IF credit bureaus have to live by the Fair Credit Act and report based on level field, how can mortgage companies use Knoll and knoll do what they want?

Has anyone heard about this?

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FICO scores lenders use do not go to 1000. You are looking at two different scoring models. The bureasu are selling you another score.

A middle FICO of 768 gets you the best rate anyhow. Usually the top tier threshold is 740.

Knoll sounds like one of the various companies that give a "trimerge" report merging all tradelines into one report but providing the three scores from the bureaus. They're just aggregating the data into one easy-to-read report.

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Thanks for reply - so they reported to the bank that transunion score was 768 but I pulled from transunion and it was 990. I hear what you said but how is FICO figured out? is this another credit company - I thought I was smart on this but the confusion is back.

Thanks for quick reply

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