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If a JDB is able to provide a bank statement, what else would they have on you? Do they have cancelled checks and original signed agreements as well?

Usually a statement or 3 (or in some cases .... 25 statements) is all they get when they purchase your debt.

IF you're talking about credit card bank statements and not your monthly banking statement from your local bank branch.

Don't let them scare (bluff) you with those statements ..... unless they have authentication from the original creditor ..... they're nothing more than hearsay.

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I recently had a trial with a JDB and the judge dismissed the case. The JDB got nothing.

They had a thick stack of "evidence" which they filed with the court and sent to me. They came up with two bank statements, a notice sent by them, bill of sales (without my name or account number), two affidavits (this time with name and account number), terms of agreement (not from when I opened the account), some chart showing how they came up with the calculations to get to that amount (did not really mean anything to me), and the proof of service that I was served correctly (which I was not!). But no signed contract and no proof that they were entitled to the interest they were asking for. They had also messed up their dates, the bill of sales said 2007, the affidavits said 2008....

My affirmative defenses were SOL, failure of consideration, and statute of fraud. I did admit to the debt by the OC, but denied their ownership, the amount they were seeking, the date of last payment, and so on.

They were suing for damages based on a breach of contract. I never signed a contract with them and there were no exchange of goods or services between me and the plaintiff. So they have no right to sue as they received no damages! They are only looking to make a profit!

I wish you the best of luck!

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