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Pre Trial Brief

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I've read some posts on this board discussing the pre-trial briefs and I really love that option. My question is if this is allowed in all jurisdictions? I've looked in the Missouri RCP and I can't find it anywhere. How many days before trial should it be submitted? I assume submitting to the court and the opposing counsel?

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I submitted a trial brief two days before trial and the next day, the plaintiff (Equable Ascent) dismissed with prejudice.

I don't know if it was the brief, or my motion to dismiss that I had filed two weeks earlier.

In retrospect, I got my case dismissed, so I prevailed, but there is risk in submitting a pre-trial brief. You are showing all your cards, allowing the JDB attorney to counter your strategy. Without it, they are expecting a bumbling pro se. Then if you come in with prepared oral arguments, they get blind sided.

So, there is risk both ways because obviously you could lose at trial.

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Here are a couple:



There is no specific rule I can find that says one way or the other. It seems that the hearing is for this. I guess it couldn't hurt to write one up, but get it to everybody a week before the hearing so they have time to review it. PDF form and a CD is a good way to do it.

62.01. Pre-Trial Procedure; Formulating Issues

In any civil action, the court may in its discretion direct the attorneys for the parties to appear before it for a conference to consider:

(1) The simplification of the issues;

(2) The necessity or desirability of amendments to the pleadings;

(3) The possibility of obtaining admissions of fact and of documents which will avoid unnecessary proof;

(4) The limitation of the number of expert witnesses;

(5) The advisability of a preliminary reference of issues to a master for findings to be used as evidence when the trial is to be by jury;

(6) Such other matters as may aid in the disposition of the action.

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