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account listed as charged off however I am paying it

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I searched around and I can not believe this has not been asked. I apologize if it has and I can not find it.

I pulled a copy of our (wife and mine) CR's. We have been paying on a Capital One account for about 2 years. It shows as "Closed, Charged off, Bad Debt".

I called Capital One and they tell me it was charged off and they can not change the status until it is paid up in full.

Advice? I could be paying on this account another 2 to 3 years before this happens.

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Just because you paid or are paying on the debt, does not mean they have to change it from charge off, I have two that are paid in full, showing paid in full, but they still say charge off, 180 days from the DOFD they can report Charged off.

So I should continue to pay these off and eventually they will show paid in full.

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