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Confused About Missed Trial Letter

Guest Aalone

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Guest Aalone

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all!

I recently received a letter in the mail stating that a debt collection agency (midland financing) was granted an affidavit judgement. The letter said that I should file a motion to vacate. I live in Maryland so I searched their district court website for the vacate judgement form and found something that I believe to be the form.

This is where my confusion comes into play: I don't know what to say in this vacate letter. There seems to be a few things that I am unsure about in regards to the judgement:

1- I do not recall what card Midland are suing me for.

2- The letter was addressed to Grey Doe. I opened it only because my name is John Grey Doe and figured it was for me since I have been known to use my middle name from time to time. (i.e - my cable is under J.Grey Doe)

3- I never received notification that a court date was set. (although I do find it funny I received this letter)

4- I have never been to court before and feel like a deer in headlights!

Could I state in my letter that none of this belongs to me? Mistaken Identity? Or should I just say I didn't get a summons letter and then find a lawyer?

I do apologize for being so green in this matter.

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