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MCM says verified with out providing proof, what to do next?

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Newbe post here, i have read many posts and done some reaserch, but there is just too much to grasp at times. I started my attempt to repair my credit about a month ago started with a cable bill that i had actually paid. Got it removed from my report, or at least recieved a letter stating that it will be removed. Decided to attack a few larger fish, sent out DV letters, some pay for deletes ect. Basiclly my credit went to hell after my divorce about 5 years ago. I am almost a 100 perecnt sure all debits are past the SOL for collections, with the exceptions of any medical bills.

I sent a DV letter to MCM on a alleged account for Houshold bank( honestly cant remember if i ever had a credit card or and account with them.) Recieved a letter from them that basicly says it is accurate, my DV letter asked them to provide proof. On my credit report i have no TL fro Houshold showing sold or charged off ect. If this is my account i believe it to be more that 7 years as it appears no where on my report, however MCM says i owe.

What sould my next step be?

1) demand proof?

2) send them a letter stating its zombie debt?

Does MCM have the right not provide me with proof?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I agree with the previous posts.

Does Midland's entry give a date of first delinquency? Not the "date opened". That's the date Midland got the account. The date of 1st delinquency is the date your account went into default and was never made current again.

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