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experian credit report/ credit report ?'s

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I had a question why dont the credit reports state the last day you made a payment? Or how in the world do you figure that out. I doubt anyone after 6 years remembers exact date.

Also why on experian it has the boxes and then for months when you look at it shows ok ok then 30 days etc. It doesnt really tell you anything. I had an attorney look over the experian ( I couldnt get the equifax I am mailing in info to get it) and he put together a sheet which shows when the sol will expire. THE dates ARE WAY OFF! Unless they are making it look like I paid or what not Or when it was sold off to someone else. I am certain for sure. I didnt pay on anything after march 2006 100% and some show that I paid in August 2006 which was IMPOSSIBLE so its showing that sol will be up on Aug 2013. Which would be 7 years if that date was correct. It would be when it falls off the credit report.

So how do I get actual date when I stopped paying if there is a way?

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The furnisher is the one who's furnishing the data...the OC. You might also want to get copies of your bank statements from that period to make sure of the date of last payment.

Yep it was from late 2005 early 2006. But I know around the time I was unable to make payments. I had went thru a divorce. Thats why I am certain of the time frame. just not exact date. Know when I couldnt have possibly paid if that makes sense. I talked to the bank they said I have to purchase bank statements. Then go thru and see which check numbers could have been payments.

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