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Timeshare Mortgage


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HI All,

this is my first Post. I did a search here for "timeshare" and "timeshare mortgage" there's only about 2 pages of posts, but many replies. My specific issue was not already posted as far as I know, I even used the Has this already been asked tool, so hopefully someone can answer my question.

I bought a timeshare back in beginning of 2007. It's on my credit report as an installment loan, that's basically the same as a car loan right? But I still get 1098 Tax forms from the timeshare company declaring mortgage interest I paid. Why isn't this on my credit report as a mortgage? Obviously it's being reported to the IRS as a mortgage. Thanks for any insight!

Update: After going thru some more posts I see it is common practice for this for timeshare companies? But I also read one post where one guy wanted his timeshare to be on his credit as an installment loan not as a mortgage. I want it the other way around. ~AFLDMGR

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