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Verizon Wireless questions


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In an attempt to clean up my credit i sent Verizon a Pay for Delete. they aleged i owe $926 for phone service. I offered them $750 and they flat out refused my offer! I defaulted on this accout at least 6-7 years ago.

Since i am new to this credit repair, i just noticed on my credit report that it states that i aggreed to make partial payments, or i made arrangements to make partial payments to them. Its also shows closed 06/09. I am 100 percent sure i never aggreed to pay them or settle with them. Up until 2 months ago i have ignored every collection call or notice recieved in the mail from any collection agency. It apears they have reaged this account.

Not sure what to do next with them. Working to rebuild my credit to purchase a home, was hoping they would bite on my offer.

How can i be certain they did or didnt reage my account?

General question regarding pay for deletes? if i make this offer and a account declines my offer, do this reage an account?

any help is greatly appreciated.

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