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Vacating Judgement Help?


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This is what I have so far any help would be appreciated thanks

NOW COMES the Plaintiff, Pro Se and prays this Honorable Court to Deny the Plaintiffs Motion To File FOREIGN JUDGEMENT. For the following reasons:

1. Relief requested. The defendant moves the court for an order vacating the judgment with prejudice entered in this action and staying enforcement of the writ of restitution until the motion can be heard. ( IS THIS WHERE I WOULD PUT DISMISS JUDGEMENT WITH PREJUDICE? SO THEY CANT COME AND REDO IT?)

2. Statement of facts and issues. This motion is based on the following grounds:

1. Defendant was a resident of the State of GA at time the Judgment was ordered in July of 2008.

2. Court documents were taped to the door in Michigan, per district court.

3. Plantiff did not due diligience in properly serving defendent in proper venue.

4. Defendant had no knowledge of court proceedings, in which Defendant was not entitled the right to defend herself.

5 Defendant could not have known about court proceedings, Due to the fact of residing in GA.

6. Defendant should have been properly served in the state of GA.

7. Defendant has still not been properly served in this case.

8. Defendant is asking the court to vacate Judgment on the grounds of the 14th amendment right to due process.

9. Defendant is asking the court to vacate judgement with prejudice.

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