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Dv letter to JDB Do you also do a validation on your cr as well

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This may seem like playing semantics, but I think it's important to keep terms straight.

A DV letter means one specific thing: It is a letter sent to a Collection Agency (not necessarily a JDB) in response to their initial collection letter, which should spell out your right to dispute as provided by the FDCPA. IMHO, your DV letter should dispute the debt, request verification of the debt, and request the name and address of the original creditor, which is exactly what the FDCPA spells out.

If you're going to challenge something on your credit report, that's a different thing. Credit Repair isn't my thing, but I believe there is a process to dispute items on your Credit Report, and then the CRA must investigate.



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Disputing to the CRAs can be done on the phone, the web, or by mail. I prefer mail.

You can dispute the information directly with the CRAs if you want or you can sit back and watch. After filing a dispute with the CA they have to run it on your CR as disputed by consumer. If they do not then they are in violation of the FDCPA. Watch it daily if you want to attempt this, as I have seen them run that and the next day verify it.

Or just start sending disputes to the CRAs.

It's up to you.

If you send too may, without reason though they may deem your disputes as frivalous and start ignoring you.

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