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Where to go after disputing with CRA?

Guest gasetter

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Guest gasetter

Hello all,

I hope this post is not redundant to other posts, but it is very possible that it is.

Anyways, after scouring the website for the different details on here, I am left with a "fork in the road" kind of question.

I "disputed the accuracy" of 6 different items on my Credit Report with the CRAs and a lot of it came back as "verified"

I then began to read again on here as to the next steps and seem to be pointed in two different (yet similar) directions.

One page says to go about doing the "Method of Verification" by calling the CRA's and having them verify everything and another page says to do the "623 Method". Now, while reading, these sound very similar but one involves only contacting the OC.

My question is, which method should I perform next, whether it be one of these or something else.

Thank you in advance.

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