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Do you sign a Dv Letter

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So my question is do you sign a dv letter? or is it sufficient to just type yoru name?


Here is my sample dv

Midland Funding LLC

8875 Aero Drive Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92123

City State

Account #xxxxxxxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern:

In response to your letter dated 3/5/12 which was received on 3/10/12

I am requesting validation of the above referenced account. The alleged debt is disputed by me in its entirety.

Please do not contact me by phone. Any and All correspondence should be made through the mail.

Thank you

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We've debatedd this several times. The problem is...there have been reports of dishonest CAs scanning the signature and the pasting it onto bogus agreements.

The general consensus is...sign thhe letter, but use a "sparkly" pen, or write overtop of your printed signature with a date on the same line so if they do try to photoshop it, its obvious what they've done.

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As an example let's say my name is "Debtor S. Husband", and I sign all important/legal documents that way.

I sign DV letters as "Debt Husband".

If a CA ever attempts to scan my signature and paste it somewhere they shouldn't, I'll be able to prove forgery on their part. In Tom Clancy novels this is called a "canary trap".



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That is what I was worried about.

I wont sign it I will just send it. It has my address etc. No one in their right mind would be writing a dv letter if it wasnt them.

Well I personally do not sign anything. But that's me.

Actually there is a whole group of folks out there that do just that. They call themselves credit repair companies and just from what I have read/heard about them is they just send a ton of sloppy handwritten, language of a 2nd grader, sorry attempts at DVs and disputes in hopes of things dropping.

Now I am sure there are some reputable ones, but the stories I have heard say otherwise.

I heard of one that was actually signing the person's name to these letters and mailing them in.

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I signed my DV letters with a radically different signature than normal. That way, if they do attempt to forge, I can catch them.

That's what I do when I'm worried that somebody might be scuzzy enough to make some agreements up and put my scanned signature on there. Then I send a copy and keep the original. If my funny little squiggle appears, I know exactly where to start looking AND I have the original with the depression from the pen to fry them with.

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Be prepared midland actually sent records I was shocked to say the least. But its past sol so I'm not really worried. With anything blot out ur siggy or write over it u never know what they will try

Yeah I feel stupid now. I didn't know about their shady tactics until I started diving deeper and deeper here. If they do try to pull something though I will contest it full force.

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