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Newbie has question on 1 entry on CR


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So, I'm going through my credit report and have a question about one of my entries.

I have an entry that is on my credit report.

High Balance: $2813

Status: Transferred, Closed

Date Opened: 03/2006

Reported Since: 03/2006

Date of Status: 08/2008

Last Reported: 08/2008

Creditor's Statement: Purchased by another lender

In the payment history graph it shows 07/2008 as 90 days, then 08/2008 as CLS (Closed).

Now, I'm not sure what to do next because the last I heard of this debt was from the Original creditor in 2008 and I live in California where the SOL is, 4 years written? I'm not even sure if it relates to this?

-Do I send a debt validation letter to the original creditor?

-Do I find out who the "other lender" is and send a debt validation letter?

-Do I dispute this entry with the credit bureaus?

Now, I believe my SOL will begin 90 days prior to 07/08 (when I was first late? 04/08?), so that makes 4 years from that date for the SOL? (Which is 04/12?)

I'm not sure what to do with this. I would send a debt validation letter to the new CA, but there's no information on who received this junk debt of mine?

Someone please help with some information. I would like to take care of this one entry that was not completely accurate.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Even if the OC still owned the account, you wouldn't send a DV request. OC's are not bound by the FDCPA.

The SOL for collection begins the date a payment was due, but you never made it. In other words, a month after you made the very last payment.

You could contact the OC and see if they know to whom they sold the debt, but if you haven't heard from the debt buyer (JDB), that JDB wouldn't be required to answer your DV request, because they haven't contacted you. They're only required to respond to a DV request if you send it within 30 days after their 1st contact with you. Even then, they only have to respond if they want to continue collection efforts.

What is incorrect about the OC's entry?

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