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Debt Validation responded to by Citibank for mystery account

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I received a package of statements via UPS from Citibank from a Bloomingdale's card I had. The funny thing is that I never received a letter from any collection agency in regards to this specific account. I received a collection notice from ACB Recovery about a Macy's card (under Department Stores National Bank, same as Bloomingdale's) which I responded to by sending a DV and Integrity Financial Partners has been calling me (with no mention as to who they represent) and I sent them a DV too. The package had no info as to which collection agency the account was with or even a cover letter. It does have a return address and a phone number on the shipping label though.

What should my next steps be? I want to do debt settlement on the Blooomingdale's and Macy's balances and need to know where I should be sending correspondence to. Also: since Integrity never told me who they were collecting for or gave me a "1st communication validation notice" (the "you have 30 days to send a validation..." on CA letters), do I have a possible FDCPA counter claim?

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What should my next steps be?

Back-up, explain your situation in more detail and not running the different accounts together in your post.

Your post is very hard to follow. What I got out of it is you have different accounts and different collection activity going on. You are not sure what is in reference to what, and you're throwing around a possible FDCPA violation.

Just explain each account in detail, give a timeline and don't run everything together.

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Sorry for the delayed response, Coltfan1972.

Here is a break down by account:

Macy's Card (issued by DSNB): Past due about 6 mos, received ACB Recovery collection notice in Jan, sent DV letter, no response (or communication) in regards to this card from anyone since sending DV.

Bloomingdale's Card (also by DSNB): Also past due about 6 mos., no communication since roughly same time in Jan when ACB sent notice on Macy's, except a pile of statements UPS'd to me from Citi Bank a few days ago.

In early Feb, I started to get calls from Integrity Financial Partners (a collector), they never told me who they represented or sent me a letter with the mandatory "first communication debt validation notice." This is the possible FDCPA violation. I did, however, send Integrity a DV letter. They never sent me anything, so I'm guessing that the Bloomingdale's pile of statements was a result of the DV I sent them.

I know this all sounds confusing. :confused: I'm just trying to figure out who I should be communicating with when I try to settle. Or, should I even by opening up my mouth to this mess of collectors?

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