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Burden of proof

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How can a defendant who does not bear the burden of proof make the judges job easier?

Here comes the judge.........

(1) Administer oaths and affirmations;

(2) Issue subpoenas under

(3) Rule on offers of proof and receive relevant evidence;

(4) Rule on discovery motions

(5) After notice to the parties, order a hearing on his or her own initiative if the judge determines that a hearing is necessary:

(i) To resolve an important issue of credibility;

(ii) To ensure that the record on significant issues is fully developed; or

(iii) To otherwise ensure a fair and just adjudication of the case;



That helps me more than you know!!



I totally see what your saying.

That is really toughest part...knowing the rules like the back of your hand.There are so many.


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By doing proper discovery and not bugging the judge unless the judge is needed to do proper discovery.

Judges expect both parties to work out discovery issues without their prodding. That is why the rules state that you have to try to meet and confer and all sort of other things before filing a motion.

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