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if case is dismissed with prejudiced...

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If a case is dismissed with prejudice - can the JDB then sell it to another JDB allowing you to be potentially sued again? :confused:

Short answer: No. Look up Res Judicata. It's an affirmative defense, that if it applies, even Coltfan would be all for using.

If you win against a JDB, it'll be for two reasons. They can't get any evidence admitted when you properly object and they cannot prove that they actually own the account. If they sell an account that they can't even prove that they own and you start getting harassed and even sued, you drag both JDBs into court and let the fun begin. Even after a dismissal with prejudice, JDBs will continue to try to collect, they will continue to report on your credit report and they will sell the debt, all in violation of the law.

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