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How do you get the court to remove your address? from the internet

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Guest usctrojanalum

An address is a public record, so unless you are in like witness protection I don't think you will have much success getting it removed.

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Try this one, it's the only thing that mentions this topic. It doesn't specifically mention addresses, but it may work. You'll probably have to prove some harm. At any rate, if this led to a stalker bothering you, wouldn't it be a bit too late?


All court records are public and are to be available for public inspection unless public access is limited by law or by the procedure set forth below.

Rule 21.1. Motions and Orders

Upon motion by any party to any civil or criminal action, or upon the court’s own motion, after hearing, the court may limit access to court files respecting that action. The order of limitation shall specify the part of the file to which access is limited, the nature and duration of the limitation, and the reason for limitation.

Amended effective October 7, 2010.

Rule 21.2. Finding of Harm

An order limiting access shall not be granted except upon a finding that the harm otherwise resulting to the privacy of a person in interest clearly outweighs the public interest.

Rule 21.3. Ex Parte Orders

Under compelling circumstances, a motion for temporary limitation of access, not to exceed 30 days, may be granted, ex parte, upon motion accompanied by supporting affidavit.

Rule 21.4. Review

An order limiting access may be reviewed by interlocutory application to the Supreme Court.

Rule 21.5. Amendments

Upon notice to all parties of record and after hearing, an order limiting access may be reviewed and amended by the court entering such order or by the Supreme Court at any time on its own motion or upon the motion of any person for good cause.

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Anybody can get public info on the net, that's just the way it is. You can do a search for 39.00 and get whatever you want. Contact your local police department with this, it has nothing to do with the court. Nobody has jurisdiction over the internet.

thanks legal I will do that. Hopefully nothing happens!

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