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Help..just been served!

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Hey I have just been sued by American Express. I have a few questions, and a lot of the answers I saw before on the forums were kind of old, so I wanted to see what I should do:

First I live in Louisiana.

This credit card was for my L.L.C. company I formed in 2004, my last payment made on the card was in June of 2011.

This is what it the lawsuit says:

It is asking for a "Request of Admission" of the debt I accumulated with my first company.

$14,939.47 is my debt. It says to respond within 15 days... should I admit or deny?

(of course I know the best thing to do would be to pay the balance, which I would if I could, but with business struggling, tons of medical bills from a back surgery, and a family, I just can't put out the extra money every month)

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