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Chasing the CA in Federal Court

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Now I am thinking of Chasing the OC, a Doctors office who called me the day after the CA dropped the entries from my credit report, and asked me to pay the remaining balance after Medicare and TriCare paid.

If we cannot get the OC on FDCPA, what avenue of approach should I use with them?

1st of all they had to be in cahootz (that is a legal term) with the CA that was not only reporting and trying to collect SOL debt that wasn't mine, but the CA verified the Debt to all 3 CRA's. I Initated an investigation, then a reinvestigation, and they cerified the debts to be correct.

There has to be some liability there somewhere...

I hate it when people make me mad, they make me do things that normal, well everybody but Coltfan, would think absolutley insane. But these guys pissed me off, and I want my pound of flesh from each of them.

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that's where the cahootz part comes in, when I wsa trying to just get them to remove it, pay for delete, they wouln't budge off the 715 or for the deletion, then after the Attorney General gives them a ring, they mysteriously drop over 200 bucks from the debt and asks me to pay the rest.

Now, here is the kicker with the OC. They filed the Medicare Claims back in 08, right after the wife had the proceedure completed. Medicare and the OC did not settle until after the OC had sent the debt to collections. I have the Medicare Summary Notice of Benefits showing the Dr billed Medicare 165.00 Medicare allowed only 110.77 and the Dr Settled in 1/27/2010 for 88.62. Did the fact that Medicare paid that in 2010 restart the SOL?

Never the less, they did not report that income to the CA and Adjust the amount owed on the bill.

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I think I am going to join them as a party to the Federal Lawsuit that I have pending against the CA.

For the collection business to work "properly" there must be a constant communication between the OC and the CA to insure that the Credit reporting in Accurate. Simply selling the debt to a CA and forgetting about it is not only unethical but ilegal, or at least it should be. I alkso think if I join the DRS office, they will pressure the CA to fold a bit quicker because technically it is the DRS fault by not furnishing the correct data to the CA in the First place. The CA is going to try and push the blame back to the Dr in Court. "Your honor, they didn't tell us they got paid". So why not have them both in the courtroom at the same time, and let them look at each other. They collect all of the bad debts for this DR, do you think they are going to throw that kind of money away for one little guy with big balls that decided enough was enough? I think not, on top of that, the word will spread that they are throwing clients to the wolves, there goes the medical community to another company that might respect the client.


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