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LilSweeties Livingston Financial LLC lawsuit

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Hello all, this is LilSweetie's husband, she wanted to make sure you got an update on her suit as she will be unavailable for a few days. First we wanted to thank everyone on this board for the help you provided, especially BV80 and Leageagle, and anyone else who responded to her posts.

My wife has since retained an attorney who will be filing a class action suit in this matter in the next few days or so. Please, if you are in Florida and are being sued by, or have been sued by, Livingston Financial LLC, you need to keep an eye out for when her case gets filed. Please also check into the existing class action against LVNV funding if you are in Florida, and were sued by LVNV funding. Even if you paid your debt in the past or were garnished/had a garnishment it may not be too late if the junk debt buyer was not previously licensed at the time you paid them - you can check if or when they got licensed on the Florida Office of Financial Regulations website. All this is due to the FL statute 559.553 regulation. Anyways she'll be back on here once the federal case gets filed and the state case is dropped. Thanks again!

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