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does anyone know what forms i need

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I would advise you to continue your learning and reading, prior to tracking down any forms to file suit. Lawsuits cost money, time and some experience. Not saying that you haven't aquired all that is neccessary to be successful, but your post is missing some vital information.

Like which FDCPA section are you suing under, or is your claim simply going to be based on the California Rosenthal Act and be filed in state court versus Federal Court for the FDCPA.

If you have a really good case, you should be able to find a consumer attorney that will take your case with little to no cost to you.

My point is we could give you a link to some forms, but let's say you manage the forms and get the suit filed. If this is not done properly, your suit could be dismissed and you could be liable for their costs to file the answer..

Long story short, if you really have some strong violations, they are good for 1 year, meaning the SOL to file suit is 12 months. Take some time to get your ducks in a row, so you get success, by investigating a bit longer.....

Best of Luck

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