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any confirmation that OC's ever say debt buyers can't file lawsuits?

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Caught this little tidbit in the following.

Default Judgments: The Ultimate Goal of Debt Buyers

Believe it or not, the original creditor may say that debt buyers can't file lawsuits on these cases in the future. Recordon told us:

Well, they definitely don't want that to come out as they file thousands of lawsuits on these assignments. Debt buyers very carefully protect the assignment documents and don't produce the actual documents. They may produce a one or two paragraph assignment, but most assignment documents vary from 10 to 30 pages in length. So, they give you just part of it. Sometimes the judges are not familiar with these documents and will think that they've got the whole thing and say that the debt buyer has now proved the assignment, which in fact they haven't. So, the default strategy is to eliminate all these problems.

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