how does anyone stay sane thru this

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You don't stay sane through this. It really hit home to me today that I've gone off the deep end when I realized I was seriously contemplating the following:

If a gigilo suffers from permanent impotence, can they collect disability?

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I've gotten allot of help at this forum. Good people.

But then I tend to over-think things, become over-whelmed, and shut down.

I am trying to spare my family this grief, with a hubby who refuses to deal with this, as I hear him say "I am SO busy" (and he is)...assuming that I'll come to the rescue and handle this.

Problem is, I have a learning disability, and I easily get confused, here. Allot to absorb.

But I am trying. Doing what I can.

I particularly get whacked out when I see, For example: report anyone who touts arbitration and read a post where that is what is being recommended. Wha?

And told to read documentation beyond my capacities. (which is most of everything)

Eeeks. I am conflicted enough in this wee brain of mine, :cry: sob sob

I am thinking that this is well above me and it might be best not to self-advocate (as I am constantly told us SE/LD - spec. ed learning disabled- people should do) and get a lawyer.

I do appreciate the time people have spent, and do try to explain things to me in plain English.

"explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old" :)

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I've lost my sanity through my whole mess. I've been worried about what will happen when these collectors come after me...and have been ready to file BK. However, I'm glad I found this forum, so many knowledgeable people in here, offering great advice. I have many months worth of reading to do, but at least I'll have a decent shot at defending myself when it comes down...hopefully I can absorb enough knowledge by then! (I'm probably 6 months out from lawsuits...not sure). My friend keeps telling me to just go ahead and pull the trigger on BK and get it over with. He says this stuff is eating me up. I think I'll hang in there, and see if I can work it all out myself first.

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