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I was reading up on the FRCP and I came across this:

Paragraph (2)(B) permits the use of alternatives to the United States mails in sending the Notice and Request. While private messenger services or electronic communications may be more expensive than the mail, they may be equally reliable and on occasion more convenient to the parties. Especially with respect to transmissions to foreign countries, alternative means may be desirable, for in some countries facsimile transmission is the most efficient and economical means of communication. If electronic means such as facsimile transmission are employed, the sender should maintain a record of the transmission to assure proof of transmission if receipt is denied, but a party receiving such a transmission has a duty to cooperate and cannot avoid liability for the resulting cost of formal service if the transmission is prevented at the point of receipt.

I sent my amended complaint, Notice of Magistrate hearing, and proper certificate of service to the oposing attorney by email, with Read Request. If I read the above correctly, there is a reasonable belief that the person the email was sent to would be the one who read it, and clicked the read button, thus causing those papers to be sufficently served.

Thoughts on this. An email is so much cheaper thatn the US Mail.

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