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Lender Liability Lawyer

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Does anyone know where and how to find a lawyer that does lender Liability.

We received a loan a few years back, got into trouble the within the first six months.

Had to take another loan just to get through the summer. Paid that back but got into trouble two summer later. Borrowed from family and now wished I didn't.

Two summers later and we got into trouble again. Now we are facing forecloser.

I tried to get finaced so we could get away from the leader we have now. They told us that he could not loan us the amount that we need because our numbers did not support the amopunt of the loan.

Being the nice person that he was he asked me to send him the info that we used to get the loan to start with. After looking at those numbers he sent me an email stating that we need to get an attorney and sue these people for lender liability.

I had to call him and ask what he was talking about because I had never heard of that term before. He said that they never should have given us a loan for the amount that did because the property does not support the payment.

I cannot find a lawyer for lender liability. How do you search for one and what terms other than lender liabilty should one use?

I know I will get some help because this site is great,


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